How to combat the Christmas party cycle

Mince pies. Prosecco. Canapés. Christmas drinks. Client parties. ‘Tis the season of parties, eating and drinking. We let ourselves have a little bit here and there at every Christmas party, lunch, drinks and we don’t notice the results until January. Just in time to make an unachievable New Year’s resolution to cut everything bad out of our diets and do all of the exercise.



I’ll let you into a little secret – Christmas is just one day. It doesn’t have to last all month! Of course, there will be many opportunities to eat and drink too much, but I have a few tips to keep healthy and feeling good.


1.     Pre-hydration

Before a big night out make sure to drink plenty of water through the day, about 1.5L. Then, while you’re at the party, have a small glass of water with every alcoholic drink. This also fights off a hangover!


2.     Pre-protein

I can’t resist a good canapé. I will uncontrollably eat the whole tray. So, when I know I will be going to a party, I make sure to have some scrambled eggs and a big glass of water. That way, I’m not starving when I get there, and it’s easier to only have a few, instead of the whole tray. It will also help if you eat before you go to the super market. If you’re hungry while you shop, you buy more food. If you have more food in the house, you’ll eat it, whether you’re hungry or not!


3.     Pre-stretch

This is such a busy time of year that it not so easy to make time to work out. However, even taking 5-10 min every day to stretch, dance around the kitchen, or walk around the garden can make a difference. Not just physically, but to clear your mind and give yourself a break from the to-do list and social media.

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Who cares if Christmas dinner has too many calories? Allow yourself to enjoy it.

If you’re going to have a mince pie, ENJOY IT, Make it worth it. You’re allowed. Just make sure you’re smart about it. As long as you drink enough water and keep moving, you’ll have much nicer January – and won’t feel so tired.  

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Sarah Maxwell