Sarah Maxwell fitness instructor
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My Ethos

First of all I am real person - a mother of two children, dogs and other pets! I struggle with juggling my busy life as a mum, wife and a business owner. Over the years I have been many shapes and sizes, had many different jobs and when I finally stopped trying to be perfect, I maintained my weight and havenʼt looked back. I have learnt how to fit exercise in around my daily routine - even when cooking the dinner!

I donʼt believe in dieting, excessive amounts of exercise or obsessive approaches to health and fitness.

My mantra is to do what you can, when you can and to feel good about what you have managed to achieve - above all, exercise should be fun and not guilt ridden!

My Career

I started out as a teenage athlete with a keen interest in ballet and then had an early career in sports development where I was invoIved in making sports available to the wider community.

Since then I’ve worked internationally in the corporate health and fitness world, as well as trained celebrities, sports personalities and large corporate groups. I’ve appeared frequently in the media all across the world, helped develop video fitness games, written fitness books and lectured at numerous events. I’m also a fitness brand ambassador for some of the world’s leading companies.

Sarah Maxwell Fitness
Sarah Maxwell Fitness

Why Change Now?

I have recently turned 50, my children are getting older, and throughout my life each stage offers new challenges and opportunities. I know that going to a gym can be an intimidating experience when we’re older. It’s always full of younger, thinner people who seem like they have it all figured out and make it look so easy! Then there’s the problem of having to fit exercise into your day - between walking the dog, the school run, making dinner - who has time for that?!

Now is the perfect time to figure out how to make a healthy lifestyle work for you. By fitting exercise in when and where you can, having reasonable expectations and a plan to keep you honest, I know we can tackle this next stage in our lives.