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Fitness Courses


Ballet Barre
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I teach ballet barre classes at my studio in Cranbrook. Lots of fun, laughter and a great whole body workout for all levels Ballet barre. Classes are a maximum of 7 students. All ages, all abilities!

The Little Exercise Book for a Flat Tummy
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Learn how to tackle your tummy from all angles! This book contains everything from nutritional help to workouts with exact instruction and photos on how to correctly perform each exercise.

The Booty Bootcamp
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Get the know-how and motivation to help you shape up your rear view. The bottom is a part of the body thatโ€™s linked to self esteem, and if you are not prepared to put in some work, can easily slide southwards with too much sitting around and one eye off healthy eating.


Personal Training

Let me create a bespoke plan to fit your lifestyle and needs to get you feeling happy and healthy.

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