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Sarah Maxwell
Lifestyle & Fitness

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Fitness Courses

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Online Courses

Want to workout from home? Don’t have a class near you? Think you don’t have time to work out? Think again

Ballet Barre in Kent

I teach ballet barre classes at my studio in Cranbrook. Lots of fun, laughter and a great whole body workout for all levels Ballet barre. Classes are a maximum of 7 students. All ages, all abilities!


The Little Exercise Book for a Flat Tummy
Everything from nutritional help to workouts with exact instruction.
The Booty Bootcamp
the know-how and motivation to help you shape up your rear view.

10-min Workout on Facebook
2-8 Sept

For 7 days, join me in an exclusive Facebook group and we’ll do a 10 minute workout every morning.


Personal Training

Let me create a bespoke plan to fit your lifestyle and needs to get you feeling happy and healthy.

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